Carter Plays the UK! 

Carter has been in England playing shows, visiting studios, and talking with record stores to spread the word. What is the word, you ask? That a little band in Seattle known as The Last Great Love, at a little label called Melodrama Recordings, in a little studio named Sad Song, is making its mark on ears around the world.

Carter has already played at The Camden Head Pub and The Spice of LIfe, and he's planning on hitting places in Cambridge before the tour is over. For all you Brits, check out Sister Ray in Sodo for merch!

Open Mics and New Pictures Up! 

 Hey guys-

Although members of the rock band have been all over the place this summer, Carter and Jared have hit the town playing acoustic sets in West Seattle, Georgetown, and Ballard. Stay in touch for updates on where we'll be playing next!

Carter, Brooke, and Jared had an amazing photo shoot with local photographer/musician Cameron Cowles. Check out the shots here.


Site Under Construction! 

Well we're just recovering from our debut performance of Victory at Sea and getting set to book more shows soon! Right now Carter and Jared are working hard to get this TLGL site up and running and start promoting the album. Please check back soon, as we'll be putting tons of new content up in the coming days. 

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